Serbian Plum Slatko

"Slatko (Serbian: слаткō / slatkō meaning "sweet") is a thin fruit preserve made of fruit or rose petals in Serbian cuisine. Almost any kind of fruit can be used, like wild strawberry, blueberry, plum and cherry. Traditionally, all guests in Serbian homes are greeted with a spoonful of slatko and a cup of water as soon as seated. Particularly honoured guests are offered twice, although any guest can ask for another taste, to honour the housekeeper. You must have heard about Serbian hospitality, kindness and cordiality. But did you know that all of that is accompanied with a warm welcome that simply can’t go without homemade plum slatko? The famous šljivovica is also made from this fruit, but this time we will give you the recipe for the sweetest slatko! "

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